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what you boys are doing, but I like it, as he commissioned the local painters to exhibit in his restaurant. Throughout the essay, Reed continues to build his ethos by speaking about a Yale professor Glenn a speech at The university of Wisconsin. Nevertheless, estimating the contributions of the Puritans to the establishing of a great industrial society, the author also shows us a different side of these people. One of the artists told me that his paintings, which included African and Afro-American mythological symbols and imagery, were hanging in the local McDonalds restaurant. One of Beethovens most famous. By directly comparing the opposing viewpoint to Hitters views or the murder and lynching of thousands of Afro-Americans, he forms a strong negative emotional connection with is oppositions views. And what of the millions of Europeans who have black African and Asian ancestry, black Africans having occupied several countries for hundreds of years? In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, large numbers of Europeans arrived, adding their cultures to those of the European, African, and Asian settlers who were already here, and recently millions have been entering the country from South America and the Caribbean, making Yale. Ishmael Reed, born 1938, in Chattanooga Tennessee, is a founding board member. Reed states that in any major city in America you can see evidence of this mixing of nationalities and cultures.

Pot of cultures (64). Reed appeals to pathos, or emotion, throughout the essay. Ishmael Reed s America: The Multinational Society is chosen as the perfe ct essay for launching our new multicultural guest spot, as it expresses the philosophy. America: The Multinational Society. America: The Huge company (community of peo ple/all good people in the world).

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Is that the kind of world we desire? A humdrum homogeneous world of all brains and no heart, no fiction, no poetry; a world of robots with human attendants bereft of imagination, of culture? He even mentions a common phenomenon that many people have experienced in recent years: the bilingual recorded instructions at an airport in Texas. At this restaurant, the manager has hung paintings that depict African symbols and images. The American Heritage Dictionary. Reed provides many arguments and examples from past and present-day America that prove America is a melting pot of cultures, and therefore is already a multinational society. Western civilization, then, becomes another confusing category like Third World, or Judeo-Christian culture, as man attempts to impose his small-screen view of political and cultural reality upon a complex world.