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Rajiv Gandhi Democracy means discussion. So, on the ground of inexpediency, the pure democracy is to be discarded. The legislature represents public opinion through free elections, freedoms of speech, press, assembly and association. India is a Democratic Country: There is no doubt that India is a democratic country. Reservation of jobs in service and places of educational institutions for backward castes could not have been justified in terms of democracy but for the recognition of caste distinctions in our society. Dictators eliminate certain rights of people, mostly interfering human rights. The Monarchy assisted in resolving the problems between the aristocracy and the democracy where it sought to establish an environment for the common good. King Birendra was responsible for the restoration of democracy, human rights and social justice in the government system of Nepal. Many people died in Kathmandu and other places in the country due to rampant police crashes with the protesters many arrest.

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This can be hard sometimes but in my opinion I think is one of the better parts of democracy. Otherwise, it is a half-way socialism in as much as it believes in private property, more than one political party and allows private bodies to control the means of production. If there is a right to work, a right to minimum wages and if the industries and big businesses are taken over and run by the government, democracy stands on a better footing. In contrast, the people are assured right to work, rest and right to security in old age, which are a far cry in liberal democracy. Advertisements: But consensus among the political philosophers is that the following are the basic needs for the success of democracy:.