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chosen to act in place of another, in case of the absence or incapacity of that other. To mediate between persons. The act of repeating.

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) The power of retaining; retentiveness. Are you assured that the tithes are administered wisely with surpluses regularly going to the poor? ) A driving or thrusting away. ) A poison which occasions a persistent delirium, or mental aberration (as belladonna). In many areas of life, far removed from questions of life and death, parents are faced with all kinds of choices they must make about their children's lives - choices which they must force on their children no matter which way they decide. . To act as an officer or leader. In fact, "irresponsible" even implies "responsible" in meaning (1) of the person it describes sometimes. ) The state or condition of being celebrated; fame; renown; as, the celebrity of Washington. Marked by great plentifulness. If this were practised today, it is fair to say that congregations would no longer have poorer members, though pastors might have to accept lower pay for their labours in some cases, especially in more affluent areas.