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the settlers viewed slavery from an economic point of view, rather than a humanitarian point of view. Tenskwatawa's teachings spread rapidly, not only among the Shawnee, but also among other tribes, to the great dismay of white missionaries. During the time that America was aiding their allies, Japanese armies were. This was a serious faux paux for a young man. Became a Religious Leader, tenskwatawa's visions continued. They described Tenskwatawa as a charlatan who manipulated the tribesmen for his own purposes (Edmunds 262). Tenskwatawa died in Kansas City, Kansas in November 1836.

By mentioning this in the article I got to understand why Edmund is arguing that Americans are idolizing Tecumseh too much with little bit of primary material about him. According to Edmunds, the Master of Life told him that the whites "grew from the scum of the Great Water when it was driven into the woods by a strong east wind. Two warriors were found alive; they killed one, and kept the other one alive for questioning. Overcome, Lalewithaka wept as he described this vision, and swore to stop drinking and renounce his previous evil ways. Lead by Cornstalk the Shawnee Chief, the Shawnees attacked the Virginia militia, hoping to stop them from entering into Ohio country.

"Tecumseh, the Shawnee Prophet, and American History: a Reassessment." Tecumseh, The Shawnee Prophet, and American History: A Reassessment Free Prophet and Tecumseh

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