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John Cabot, an Italian, was the first English explorer to cross the Atlantic. Some complained that the Anglican Church retained too many Catholic practices. Social and political revolutions, as well as the Industrial Revolution, planted the roots of modern capitalism. Drove the Spanish from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Driven away by cannon fire. When a supply expedition came in 1590, they found the colony abandoned and the word Croatoan, a local Indian tribe, written on a tree e Jamestown Settlement.1606, English business men made plans to start a new reduce household waste essay colony in Virginia. Before the New World was found young Spanish gentlemen called Hidalgos led expeditions against Muslims in Spain.

War with the Indians. North Americas first synagogue, or house of Jewish worship, was in New Amsterdam. He tried to escape and was shot in the heart Chapter 2 Section.p. Mercantilism encouraged the establishment of overseas colonies as a means of increasing national wealth by any means possible. There was a new banking system, becoming more prominent than the system set up by the Medicis during the early 1400s.

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Company also built Fort Orange on the present day site of Albany. Henry Hudson was an explorer for both the English and the Dutch. Removed dialog that asks for confirmation for declaration of war when entering a native village if the unit in question is a transport. Conquistadors, or Spanish conquerors of the Americas, were carrying on the tradition of the Hidalgos. May 30, 1539, De Soto and his men went ashore at Tampa Bay in Florida marched northward to Georgia, then turned westward and followed the Alabama River to Mobile Bay forced Native Americans to furnish supplies and tortured their chiefs in a useless effort. Removed the code for the other ports since it is not needed. Europe's economic policies when they settled in the colonies. Mapped Atlantic shores as far as Massachusetts. New France included most of present day Canada, and parts of the northern.S. The European Exploration established many colonies in Africa and the Americas.