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post to this site, Ill give you some advice about how to write concisely and make the most of those, or any other, 500 words. Your mother cant write. It can be funny or quirky. Im not a college admissions officer, but if I were, Id say this: The subject of your essay doesnt matter. Identifying Evil in Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man is Hard to Find 2500 words - 10 pages first by subconsciously kicking her feet, this results in the hidden cat jumping free from its confinement and assaulting Bailey while he is driving. My brother didnt listened to me and he left his iPod and sunglasses in the car as well, we returned with the rest of the family to the ruins and we stayed there for a long time, when we realized it was already really late. We shrugged it off and continued onward toward our Father.

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Fort Bragg: My First Road Trip 1899 words - 8 pages would have been late for school anyway and we really wanted to get there and surprise them. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, because of that we had to change the car and all the process to change it was really long so all the schedule that we had for the trip was delayed one more day because of that. My friends and family all there, and the heritage in the town was remarkable. Your college application essay does not need to be solemn. Forget that list two sentences ago; you cant fit all that in 500 words. . They were married for twenty years when my mother died suddenly on my eighteenth birthday, only a year ago. I looked over at my brothers, the twins, Dimitri and Vladimir, there handsome faces contoured into a look of disgust. Id prefer hearing about why you still drink only chocolate milk at the age of 17, or how Bonnie Sue McKay broke your heart at the age of twelve (and how you got over it by learning to quilt or why table tennis is your favorite sport,. (I often prefer plain and simple.) It can be about something or someone you like, not necessarily something or someone you love. I looked over at him giving him a look that begged him to stop, he smiled and lowered the music and reduced to humming along. I believe that essay would have got me admitted to Harvard. I was hoping that it would be a good and easy trip but there was a thing that I had forgotten; Life is full.