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one should never write off any set of beliefs or practices as being baseless the saints and the roughnecks essay or untrue simply because they do not conform to the framework and assumptions of the current scientific enterprise. This led to a broad classification of things into good and evil. Strong Essays 838 words (2.4 pages) - Magic Prologue "Ah, you can see. Magic tricks have fascinated people of all ages for centuries. This well-known opera tells the story of a young prince who searches for true love, while another character, Papageno, acquires pleasures such as food and wine to gain happiness (Sherrane). In order to begin, the performer needs a deck of cards and an attentive audience. We waited eagerly for the show to begin. "Last eve, the tower was burglarized. In the magical world one believes that all can be influenced through words, motions, and emotions.

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Rituals in places of worship, the parades for the birthday of this leader or that revolution, the breaking of the champagne bottle when a new ship is launched, the waving of flags on important occasions, the sending of get-well cards to friends in the hospital. Were it not for this ability, magic could not have developed in human culture; and neither could science. In magic such procedures are referred to as rituals. The ability to give command through words rather than with grunts and grumbles, and seeing them obeyed, must have led to the idea that words can accomplish such effects on things as well. We see here an unconscious extrapolation from observed facts that characterized ancient science. Vestiges of this belief are with us when we say, Good morning!

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