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are drained into the rivers causing pollution in the river water and eventually to sea bed, it highly affects the marine life. Tourism also pollutes the tourism sites with noise and air pollutions, problems are more compounded in countries or regions which lack or does not have the ability to effectively treat such forms of pollutants generated from tourism activities. Though there are many negative aspects to tourism, we can still say that tourism has the tools to protect, preserve and enhance natural resources and the environment. Which are already in short supply.

Tourism and biodiversity are closely intertwined. Millions of people travel each year. We will write a custom essay sample on Tourism and Biodiversity specifically for you FOR only. Essay about biodiversity and sustainable tourism. We will write a custom essay sample on Assignment.

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It is thus important to have a rich biodiversity. Sewage and waste got increased sometimes to uncontrollable levels. This definition is from the perspective of a tourist as a single entity and more individualistic. This can lead to the visitors greater understanding of the environment and thus act in a more responsible manner and hence minimise the impact caused by them. Along with the global acceptance of International tourism, sustainability also got recognised as a key element towards long term beneficial policies along with saving limited resources. These species help in fulfilling the basic survival needs of each other. Green environment includes plants, forests, parks, rainforests, safaris etc. This is because various species of organisms help in meeting their basic needs of food, shelter, cloth and other resources. A healthy environment is essential for developing rich biodiversity which in turn is essential for the human beings to live in a harmonious state on Earth. But according to Hunter and Green (1995, pp: 1) There is no universally accepted definition of tourism. Discuss ways in which environmental conservation can be enhanced through tourism. Development is a highly contested concept and since the Second World War debates over what it is, and how to achieve it, has gone through a number of phases.

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