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Chinese universities to pursue their studies in the Philippines. These economic benefits of the English language are highly recognized by the Filipinos and especially the government. English is used in the Philippines by media and various educated Filipinos. Coincidentally, the Filipinos sending of remittances back to the Philippines have not only helped their family and relatives but also their country. In December 2008, the Philippines passed China as the leading source of immigrants of Canada. This shows that the Philippines, third largest English-speaking nation in the world and the biggest in Asia before being overtaken by India, have become a haven for people who want quality English education at an affordable cost. The so-called education tourism is targeting students from China and India to join the thousands of Taiwanese and Korean students already in the Philippines for short-term courses or full college degrees. . It is expected to hit.2B.5B in 2009. In many ways the survival of the philippine economy depends on the united States. This study strives to recognize the common problems we encounter when speaking in English or hearing someone else speak in English, the different attitudes towards the variety of the said language, our consciousness of the language errors we make, and what we do to improve.

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It is well known that many Filipinos are fluent in English. But the most important gift that the Americans have imparted the Filipinos may have been the English language. Studies done by Reputable international organizations such as the International English Language Testing System (ielts) shows that the English skills of Filipinos are deteriorating. Since then, advertisers have increasingly run media campaigns in Filipino to target the mass market. Explanation For many in the Philippines, the fluent use of the English language has always indicated a level of superiority or better upbringing among its people.

philippines essay english

In the Philippines, more and more Filipinos are going online and forming their social networks.
Essay on the war on drugs in the Philippines In 2016, the Philippines started a bloody war with.
When the Philippines automatically became a pariah, the country had to make a choice: to try.
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