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anyone for the hands he was dealt. He seemed to be waiting for some one. Alan was studying medicine hence I called him first. And even though his life isn't turning out the way he imagined (divorced and facing cancer) he is still finding joy in the life he was given. She was little bit bulgier so she doesnt need her hands to hold herself against the door. They are OUR story and our story matters. But that isn't how it worked out. My intuition says that it is going to be a quest. I told Alan to inform Jordan, David and Joseph.

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Since then I wouldn't be the man I am today. I suddenly rushed towards Rogers Supra, got him in and was about to move when I heard the police car. When there was an option to work in North India my HR refused to transfer me to Noida. I will never know if his treatment is successful or if he will become a grandfather or if he will fulfill his lifelong dream to visit Canada. But I signaled her to stay there so I can reach and occupy the next door. After all this I start to realize that I visited to most of these places but never mind about its worth. It sounded weird when such a great person (he was my inspirational hero. But fortune was by myside, team dont have any alternative and they accepted.

I managed somehow and moved to Chennai. Where he touched the life of a blogger on her way home from a conference, and gave her a new perspective on how she looks at her future.  In our entire conversation, he never once complained when he reflected on his past and his diagnosis or the inconveniences of these flights and the out-of-state treatment.

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