500 word freshman college essay

register for several general-education courses that focus on a common theme (Jaffee, 2004). Im not a college admissions officer, but if I were, Id say this: The subject of your essay doesnt matter. Because thats the rule, and even if its a narrow and arbitrary rule, you need to prove you can color inside the lines. Otherwise, he was applying under false pretenses.

Please review the list below carefully so that you are able to submit all of the required information by one of our deadlines. Accepted digital formats: Naviance, Parchment, Morgan online counselor recommendation form. Other Rules and Regulations. What matters to you, and why? Id prefer hearing about why you still drink only chocolate milk at the age of 17, or how Bonnie Sue McKay broke your heart at the age of twelve (and how you got over it by learning to quilt or why table tennis intermediate 2 pass papers is your favorite sport,.